Did you know?

Human is born deaf to anything until a few days later.
See the palm of your hand: Look carefully at your palms. If you have a problem with your liver say red and lekelilerse.
1025 minutes in a single cubic cm of air in our bodies we roll inward blood draws close to four kilograms.
People with a normal body temperature of the hot water temperature to 110 ° Cdir endure.
When there are more than 270 bones some of them as a baby grows only 206 at the end of the bone may be forced to fuse with each other.
25 billion rounds of red blood in our bodies are consuming oxygen. If we spread them on a surface occupies an area of ​​2,570 square meters.
Contrary to popular belief strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges.
Heart muscle is the strongest muscle in our body.
When people breathe 10-15 times a minute at rest, a baby breathes 40-50 times.